About Melbourne

Melbourne has a population of almost 3.5 million. The official language is English although more than 140 languages are spoken by the city’s residents. Melbourne has a colourful cosmopolitan culture, being a vibrant international city.

The Climate is temperate with no extremes and there are four distinct seasons. During summertime the average daily maximum temperature is 25 degrees Celsius, while during the heart of winter you can expect days of 14 degrees Celsius with the winter nights dropping down to seven degrees.

Melbourne’s landscape is noted for its gardens, beaches and promenades. Its numerous inner suburban villages are all famous for their unique character and their shopping, dining and entertainment possibilities. These are held together with an excellent public transport network comprised of trains, buses and the famous Melbourne trams.

Most importantly Melbourne people thrive on a diet of cultural pursuits ranging from sporting events, fine dining, the various arts especially live theatre, comedy, dance, and music, to countless free community events. People are friendly and welcoming and it is no surprise that Melbourne has been voted the world’s most liveable city.

Luna Park, St Kilda

Some Events To Enjoy During Your Stay In Melbourne

Melbourne - Food, Wine, Restaurants, Coffee

A thriving local agricultural industry provides Melbourne with the finest Australian meats, sea-foods, vegetables, wine and dairy products. This in turn supports many of the best restaurants in Australia. Melbourne has great coffee too, there are hundreds of coffee houses throughout the city and suburbs.